Mid-life crisis

My husband told me that whilst at a friend’s for dinner one of the guests said to him, “oh, so you’re the one whose wife is having a mid-life crisis”.

That comment made me grin. What a way to play out a mid-life crisis if indeed I was having one.  I wondered what kind of mid-life crisis she was actually referring to, perhaps the one she is living in every day.

And then for some people doing something out of the ordinary is quite a scary thought. Routine and knowing that things will be just so is extremely reassuring for some. And I quite understand that, it simply isn’t how I am made though.

And what I want from this round the world “mid-life crisis” experience is to know that I tried my best to make a difference in the world. I am raising money for two charities – a community in Kenya, that works with the KULE foundation to improve the quality of life though education and self-maintaining projects such as a water well so that the community can drink safe water as well as using it to grow crops and sell their produce. The other charity is Friends of India for whom the funds I raise will support education projects for girls and young women.

Creating opportunities for others, helping others achieve their potential is extremely important to me…. recognising the best in people and helping them access their best. I love that with a passion. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re from, opportunities exist all the time. And encouraging someone to have the confidence to grab that opportunity – who wouldn’t want that?

So let me let you into a secret… If what I am going through is what you’d call a mid-life crisis, then I am loving it. If by showing my children that exploring and growing and constantly learning is fun and can be done at any age; if by raising money for KULE and FoI I contribute to changing something for the better, then I am happy in what this woman I have never met calls a mid-life crisis.

Bring it on!

best ever supporter

best ever supporter


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