Why am I doing it?

“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own mind” ~ Robert Schuller

The obvious answer to me is “why not” but as good friends and family members have told me, not to mention reading several books on circumnavigations there are indeed several significant reasons as to: ”why not”.

So discounting the baby wipes rather than showers; the lack of hair washing opportunities; wearing the same clothes for weeks at a time; sleeping for no more than four hours (if lucky); living in extremely close proximity to people I’ve been put with rather than chosen to be with; the cold; the damp; the wet; the waves; the anxiety of heeling over at ridiculous angles whilst trying to cook/go to the loo/sleep….. not to mention hurricanes; icebergs; gale force winds.

I am doing it because I want a challenge, I want to experience extremes of well, basically everything. Why this challenge? Because it’s just so darned awesome. Fewer people have circumnavigated the world than have climbed Everest. I’m experienced and capable at what I do in my professional life, I’ve worked hard to achieve what I have and I am putting myself into a position where I don’t know much about sailing, I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it (although I do have a hugely internal competitive streak, which means I’ll give it my best shot, and then some more). I want to experience new situations and to learn from them. And when I step off the boat at the end of 40,000 nautical miles I want to be able to take anything that comes at me, in any way that it comes, however I feel at the time, in such a way that I’m relaxed and can confidently be at ease with it all.

Oh and seeing our majestic solar system sparkling overhead; the sunrises and sunsets; the sea life; the weather in all it’s glory and people pretty much the same in all their glory and all combinations that lead to that.

I’m doing it because I have awesome family support with an ethos of “go for it”, if you have an idea, a dream; a passion; follow it. It is a cliché, but life is way too short. I want to experience life in its rawest state, and the world’s oceans will certainly give me that. Add a dash of team work; leadership and communication into the mix along with sail trim; meteorology; navigation; racing and a little bit of winning and that gives you a flavour of my ambition for the year.

I’m doing it to mark my 50th birthday which will arrive sometime in the Pacific in February 2014.

I’m doing it to help people I’ve never met through the charity fundraising; and I’m doing it to simply be able to say that I did it, and I gave it my all, and it was an amazing experience.

And when I come back to life on land, I can use all the practical skills of teamwork; effective communication; feedback; leadership that I’ll have worked on over the year – call it my action learning MBA!

If all else fails, I’ll just wander round the office shouting “man overboard” ; chucking  buckets of icy salt water on anyone that looks as though they’re not having fun.

And if there are any crew reading this – remember to feed me regularly or remind me to feed so that I don’t turn into a gnarly old bat – works pretty much the same at work in the office, plain chocolate McVities digestives do the trick 🙂


1 thought on “Why am I doing it?

  1. Pam

    Lovey reasons to do all of these things, will be following you on this epic voyage of self discovery! Full of admiration …


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