Welcome to spinnakers and spokes

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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How time flies

Has it really been over two years since my last post on this blog site? Yikes.

Since I finished the round the world race, I felt that perhaps I didn’t have anything “worthwhile” or “exciting” to share. And there are rather continue reading…

Happy Christmas lovely friends, family and blog followers,

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have but rather of recognising and appreciating what we do have.” ~ Friedrich Koenig

Christmas Eve last year involved ensuring the boat was ready to race. Last minute preparations and team briefings to clarify race start roles and our tactics for the infamous, famous and treacherous Sydney Hobart yacht race.  continue reading…

The week that was…Lessons in leadership

And what a week it has been. Starting on Monday with the dining table surrounded by Clipper family and friends. It was a joy to meet up with Françoise and Rene from Mercy Ships and to share our fun and what often must have seemed insane renditions of life on board a racing yacht, thanks to tales from Carlo, Karina and Chris.

It was a pleasure to host Vicky our skipper and David, the Clipper recruitment director for dinner the night before Vicky’s talk to the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce  continue reading…

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to spinnakers and spokes

  1. SimSim

    erm, I had that quote on an Out of Office (not a work one 😉 a few years ago. Love that guy. Cycled to his hut many years ago…
    Anyhow, what I wanted to say, again, is AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Clive The Bike Williams

    Actually feeling a little jealous of your guts and determination – will be watching and following with love and interest. We will donate appropriately in due course. But first ket’s have lunch tomorrow to see you off – then fair winds and avaast behind me beauty! Xxx C

  3. Jed Wilson

    Way to go Alysoun !
    All the very best on your epic adventure. Ill be following your blog. Cant wait to hear the stories on your return. Jed

  4. swisssue

    Hi Alysoun. Thinking of you and yours, and wishing you good luck as you prepare to head off into the wide blue yonder. We wish you “fair winds and a following sea”. Good luck!

  5. Mary Dee Foft. (Michael's sister)

    How exciting—what you are doing! ‘Will be praying 4 you as I live vicariously through you & your adventure. God speed. MDF

  6. Clive The Bike Williams

    Not long to go now. Hope you are raring to go. Looking forward to girls own adventure stories. God speed, fair winds and quiet skies. Xxx

  7. Clive The Bike Williams

    Have fun on the next leg – all the Atlantic has to offer will be there to speed or calm you – happy sailing! X


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