Monthly Archives: October 2013

Life and routine on board

Our day is split into watches which means that the day is split 6am to noon and noon to 1800h. During the night from 18h to 22h then 22h to 0200 and from then until 0600h.

Crew must be on deck ten minutes before the watch officially starts for a full watch handover. This entails finding out what happened during the watch, what sails you’re flying as well as Continue reading


Team dynamics

We have a really great bunch of folk on our crew, a mix of nationalities, backgrounds and very different reasons for being on a racing yacht across the Atlantic.

For ten of us it’s just one of eight legs around the world, for nine they disembark in Rio and another two stay with us until Australia. Continue reading

Mid-life crisis

My husband told me that whilst at a friend’s for dinner one of the guests said to him, “oh, so you’re the one whose wife is having a mid-life crisis”.

That comment made me grin. What a way to play out a mid-life crisis if indeed I was having one.  I wondered what kind of mid-life crisis she was actually referring to, Continue reading