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Cyclotour du Lac Léman, Bike the Lake


Supporting two amazing charities – KULE and Friends of India (FoI) I have chosen certain hardships that living on board a stripped down racing yacht offers unlike those in the Kenyan and Tamil Nadu communities who simply endure hardship without choice.

Please remember that as you read these blogs, my aim is to raise funds for KULE and FoI and my employer has agreed to match the funds I raise. Continue reading


Mid-life crisis

My husband told me that whilst at a friend’s for dinner one of the guests said to him, “oh, so you’re the one whose wife is having a mid-life crisis”.

That comment made me grin. What a way to play out a mid-life crisis if indeed I was having one.  I wondered what kind of mid-life crisis she was actually referring to, Continue reading

Madagascar and Cycling

Julian: What is a simple bite on the butt among friends? [shakes his tail at Maurice] Julian: Come on, give me a nibble. ~ Madagascar (the Movie) – 2005

I never expected to be reminded of this movie line as I cycled around Lake Geneva. But then I never expected to be dancing until midnight to the amazing sound of one of Turkey’s pop idols, Mustafa (“Musti”) Sandal. Nor before riding 180km only having four hours sleep! Continue reading

Cyclotour du Léman

Sunday 26th May heralded the start of my 15 months of fund-raising.

5 am clock

The day began with a 4am wake up call, reminiscent of going on watch, which is exactly what I’ll be doing from September as I embark upon a race around the world on a 70 foot racing yacht.

Leaving home at 5am, the 10th Cyclotour du Léman then began in prompt Swiss fashion at 0630. Continue reading

Cycle training

Col du Chat

Col du Chat

Last weekend saw six of us climb just over 5000m including the infamous Col du Chat, renowned for a cheeky 10.1% over 10km. A good workout for the twice around Lake Geneva and the etape on the tour du France.

Aiming for 490km of cycling before tacking the 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation has similarities. For a start, Continue reading