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Murky and Misty

You wouldn’t think that going sideways from 111 degrees latitude to 112 there would be a sudden change in temperature. Literally from one watch to the next a change from shorts and t shirt to leggings under shorts along with long sleeve light weight thermal and jacket.

The two night watches before arriving in Hong Kong had already warranted jacket and socks under boots but all of a sudden Continue reading


Mission Performance

“Good Morning Mrs. Sturt-Scobie. Your mission should you choose to accept it involves leaving Team Switzerland for 2,500nm on the toughest race of the Clipper Round the World yacht race to join a shorthanded crew… this isn’t mission difficult, this is mission impossible”…

(words borrowed and adapted from Mission Impossible conversation between agent Hunt and commander Swanbeck)

Mission Performance was 4 crew short of the minimum number required to sail a Clipper 70. They needed 12 and asked the biggest crews for volunteers Continue reading

Welcome to Switzerland

Sitting on the bow at 6 am with starlight casting silver strands down to the sea; the gentle swoosh of water against hull and the glimmer of red and green navigation lights around us.

What a beautiful way to start the day.    The start of the second half of this adventure as yesterday marked the half-way point for the round the world crew.

We’re motoring at a gentle 7 knots through the Basilan Straits Continue reading

Spots… Sweat… And the fun continues

On watch at 6 am today brought with it a Yankee 2 hank and hoist, a Yankee 3 drop and bag, swiftly followed by a staysail drop thanks to a threatening squall. Then a hoist and another drop followed by a Yankee drop intermingled with cleaning the bilges, prepping for reefing in and out and tacking twice.

hanging in there

hanging in there

We were all particularly disappointed by Continue reading