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Look out

Look out – what do you hope for today?!

Ship lookout during the fog for oil rigs and whales; depth and squalls; more whales; container ships; tree trunks; pirates; our competitors; albatross… You name it, we’ve looked out for it.

Lunch time is ‘please don’t let it be couscous’ or Continue reading


Dripping. Melting.

We had all forgotten the unpleasant start to the doldrums we’d experienced on the way down. However at 12 degrees south we were all under no further illusion as to what the next several thousand miles would bring.

We have had two days of intense heat, below deck it’s around 40 degrees C and there’s no air flow thanks to Continue reading


There is no worse bitterness than to reach the end of your life and realized you have not lived. ~ M. Scott Peck

quiet moments


Those of you who know me, know that I love quotations.  I like others’ view of life.  I like quiet moments of reflection.  I like quiet.

And it is just a day or so ago that I realised that I hadn’t had a quiet moment of thought and reflection in quite some time. Continue reading

Amazing Australia

Wow, what a stay I’ve had with amazing welcomes in each location. Tonnes of interest about the race as well of a huge amount of encouragement.

awesome Sydney Hobart

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2013

I’ve had phone calls made, lifts offered, appointments made, hugs and congratulations. Even the apartment we stayed in Sydney Continue reading