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So what’s it really like?

Imagine yourself sitting in your place of work or sitting at home, doing the ironing; cleaning the bathroom; just going about your day to day business.

And then add the floor angled between 30 and 40 degrees. Remember the fairground attractions, the dodgem cars and roller coasters? That moment on the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers when you are suspended in mid-air, knowing you will drop but Continue reading


Taming the beast

As we slipped lines with the thought of a third crossing of the Tasman Sea, we hoped for a less painful journey. But no, the beast was not for taming and as we headed out our first warning of what was to come was the sight of Team GB to port in a massive broach.

The waves ensured that the incident looked far worse than it was yet within seconds GB was on its side skidding sideways towards us. Our skipper shouted at our helm to keep a straight course, with her eyes firmly fixed on the fast approaching yacht Continue reading

Happy New Year

I never imagined myself spending a new year in a hot climate and certainly not one right at the other side of the world.

Yet here I am in Hobart, Tasmania having seen in 2014 from the deck of Derry~Londonderry~Doire.


An evening with good friends, one of whom sadly cannot continue the race Continue reading

Prize giving

Royal Tasmania Yacht Club

Switzerland is now in overall 7th place, we are creeping up the leader board.

Arriving in Hobart 6th in the Clipper fleet was a tad disappointing although pretty well done if you think about the penalty turns we took at the start of the race.

However we did have every reason to celebrate as Vicky Continue reading

The Sydney Hobart… The middle and the end.

Wow and double wow is all I can say right now. As we revved up for the race start, 90 odd other boats jostling for line domination, the spectator boats so close with helicopters ducking and diving overhead, it was simply incredible, the noise, the images of all the boats tacking around each other, the faces of the crew in absolute awe of this amazing occasion. Continue reading