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Naked in the North Pacific!

653nm to go and we’ve just completed the team Switzerland goes (nearly) naked for Mercy Ships photo shoot. We hope to raise money for a further two operations, not much of an ask compared to taking your clothes off in the North Pacific Ocean. I took the lead and others shyly and not so shyly followed suit. Thankfully the position of a strategically placed winch covers a multitude of sins – namely still having Continue reading


Day 21

What a race this is. I usually come off watch with enough energy to write something. Not this time!

The race from Singapore to Qingdao really took it out of me, the cold, the harsh beating sailing conditions knocked me for six. I imagine actually the relentless nature of the clipper round the world yacht race is also taking its toll. The stopovers are simply more yacht related jobs and corporate sails with very little time off just to relax. Continue reading


Here I am on day 13 at sea, not even mid Pacific yet.

I was reflecting yesterday on life, the world, the universe, general “stuff” and as usual sentimentality got the better of me.  My role on the foredeck took me back to my childhood days of adventure and mischief with my cousins. In particular ‘big cuz’ John.

We would find the biggest trees to climb, the dirtiest mud piles to jump into Continue reading


Continuing with the weather theme, a typical English topic of conversation.  But really, every minute north it really does seem to get colder with night watches only just bearable. Even below deck we are all sleeping in our base layers and socks as it’s just too much for bare flesh to take.

Along with the cold we are racking on at a pace with average speeds of Continue reading

Did I say Chilly?

Did I say it was chilly a blog or so ago?  Well if that was chilly, then this is what I’d describe in true northern fashion as “chuffing cold”.  More layers, but worse is the shock each time you sit on the frosty porcelain heads.  Jeepers it sends you into orbit it’s so cold!

And coming out of the fog took us straight into 30knot winds and very lumpy seas. Storm jib and Yankee 3 weather! Continue reading

 Wow what a day – Birthday girl celebrates

2359h as I wander down to the navigation station.

0002h log entry on a new page, 13 crew onboard CV23, skipper Matt Mitchell. Damn…. I forgot to ask the compass course. I walk up the companion way steps to call, ‘compass course?”

Hmmm… No helm, no crew. Okay guys where are you hiding, you can’t have all gone overboard! Continue reading