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Time Out

I love music, however my preference is for having it around me not filtered through my ears via iPod head phones. However already on board I feel the benefit, it takes you to a different world from the 18 square foot of personal bunk space or maybe all of one metre of common space.  Funny that in my other world I ‘need ‘ quiet in order to Continue reading


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin

Joining my new home, CV 24 on Monday 12th August was quite a momentous occasion.  Firstly there appeared to be so much to do before she would be fit enough to sail to London let alone around the world.  Our list of defects ran to pages and then some.  This week was also about training for the various roles we were all undertaking. From bosun and rigger to Continue reading

The Atlantic Race

Here I am in my hotel room, a tiny bit of luxury before we head off to Rio tomorrow morning.

Our boat, affectionately referred to as Heidi, is ready. We are ready. It is less than 24 hours until we will cross the start line. The mayor of Brest visited our boat today, along with Sir Robin Knox- Johnston, who actually just pops up quite frequently with an encouraging word for crews. Continue reading

Fog and finish

We finished race one quite away from the originally intended finish point due to the high pressure weather system bringing the fleet very slight winds….and fog, lots of it.

It was damp, dank, Victorian England Jekyll and Hyde kind of fog that swoops and smothers, muffling sound.

what really no more fog

And then to become excited by actually seeing stars up in the sky was amusing to us all. Continue reading

Gas and mines

Our cooker is designed to stay reasonably horizontal as the boat changes angle, so that you don’t have pans flying off the hob as you tack or gybe.

This is great normally but due to the fact our oven also moves forwards and backwards in its casing, the attachment to the gas pipe is somewhat challenged, or rather simply, Continue reading

And so to Race Start

We had anchored off Queenborough, enjoying a night safely amongst the rest of the fleet. No need for the watch system to kick in, we weren’t going anywhere in very light and pleasant conditions. A beautiful sunset closed what had been an emotionally charged day.

the end of an emotional and exciting day

I was up with a fellow crew member from the other watch, cooking breakfast for our hungry and eager race start day crew. We headed over to the start line in eager anticipation, Continue reading


Just before leaving home we had celebrated Matthew’s 18th birthday.  On the way back to the car park we passed the Franz Weber toy store that the children just couldn’t resist visiting when they were younger. All a little giddy, we headed straight for the soft toy section. And then as we had our fill of ‘ooooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ Continue reading

London and Race Start

The atmosphere in London was incredible, thousands of people lined St Katherine docks and what seemed to be the whole length of the Thames.

The England 7’s squad joined the Great Britain boat and the competition for the fastest grinder.

rugby sevens player on harken

We had worked so hard as a team to get our boat ready for the first race. From resolving the leaking diesel engine Continue reading