The finish

Is not quite ours yet, however Jamaica has overnight crossed the finish line 19 seconds ahead of PSP. Can you believe it, after nearly 5,000 miles of ocean racing and it comes down to 19 seconds…wow.

I’m so chuffed for skipper Peter Stirling with whom I did my level 3 training and friends on Jamaica, Kate; Fran; Jan and Mark who must be ecstatic right now. I am so pleased for them.

And we have another day’s sailing at least. This is a real test of our resilience especially as our Skipper has decided with two (one) day to go to put her foot down on standing orders… It was just a tad too far at 2 am watch handover. I am sure there was logic behind the outburst, I am just not sure what it was. However, another wave pushes us forward and another day has dawned.

So dear readers, soon comes the end of the tale of Leg one. As you read I will already be well into leg 2. My mindset has already changed to simply wanting to get to Cape Town arriving on day one of the arrival window. If that means an awesome position then great, however this time round spending precious time with William and James is what really counts…

Hmmmm…We are indeed in a marathon, not a sprint and Mother Nature can and will throw us some curved balls. Being safe and finishing having tried your hardest is a pretty good outcome.


1 thought on “The finish

  1. Lesley Roberts

    Stick to your guns love. I can hear principles and values coming through loud and clear and some peoples not being aligned to yours. Deep breaths and stay strong. x


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