My wonderful family

Lots of Thank You’s

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  William Arthur Ward

My first big thank you has to go to my family. Without their support and encouragement I just wouldn’t be doing this.

And to my employer, thank you for being so understanding about my desire for such an adventure. I am hugely grateful for their support as well as to the Foundation that has agreed to match the funds I raise. Awesome!

Getting fit for the various events – strong legs and stamina for my cycling and upper body strength and core strength for the yacht race has been achieved thanks to California Gym, Geneva. In particular Greg Pradervand who has developed a training program that has achieved amazing results. Not to mention his continuous encouragement and stretching me beyond what I thought I could do.

Paul Folland (yes YOU) is the little voice in my head that says – like an old farmer to his ageing mare, “steady”…. as I am somewhat inclined to go a tad mad too soon and then run out of steam. No longer however is that the case. Either that or the voice in my head should be a concern for me and my crew mates! And the Sunday cycling gang have been great, with offers to go out and do some kilometres with the “big boys” aka Salty and Archie.

If I hadn’t met Lesley Roberts in Kerala in February 2011 I probably wouldn’t have even heard about the race. It is you Lesley who inspired me in the first place to have a go. Not to mention Sue Knight and all the wonderful people I’ve met through your training – Graeme; both Lisa’s; Diane.  To John and Maureen at the Training box, I love working with you both. Thanks to John’s creativity we found a name for my blog.

One of the big learning points for me a couple of years ago when I had shoulder surgery was learning how to ask for help, recognising when I needed someone to do something for me, that ordinarily with time and patience I might be able to do myself. And I sure as heck needed help with doing this blog. I love learning, but can I whisper quietly ….. not about technology (it’s just not my “thing”). However, for my friend of ten years, Anne Siva, it’s completely her thing for which I admire her and thank her from the bottom of my heart. She has been fantastic and patient and so generous with her time. I have a good buddy and I know it!

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1 thought on “Lots of Thank You’s

  1. Lesley Roberts

    Of all the people I know, you are going to love this challenge. You will excel and be a model for others. x


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