How things change

Awesome sleep of eight hours. But upon waking I wondered if we’d turned around and headed north for a re-run of the doldrums.

So our 6am watch began with peeling the spinnakers, wooling the code 3 spinnaker with me standing in the bag stuffing it on the very confined space of the rope/ sail locker.
We went up to the code 1 spinnaker which sadly on extremely light (non-existent) wind, just couldn’t hold its weight so we dropped it on the deck, hoisted the windseeker whilst in parallel hoisted our bosun up the mast to reattach a piece of leather to the spreaders – the bits that stick out from the mast and that if you don’t have the ends protected by leather will very easily shred a spinnaker if it gets caught on one. And after that I whipped two 5 cm stretches of the port spinnaker halyard which showed quite a nasty bit of chafe damage

We use a flat tape a bit like thick flat dental floss that you wind tightly around the rope, then taking a needle and the same tape to really hold it on place. I love doing this job, it’s really therapeutic and eminently satisfying when you do a good job.

I am convinced we have a rope eating pest on board though!

We saw an oil rig being towed and heard a whale spout but sadly couldn’t see the creature itself.
We’re officially on oil rig; whale and Brazilian navy ship look out.

Not much more that a trip from Edinburgh to London then up to York to do now…. Just need some wind and hey ho, at watch changeover the weather changed … Wind!!! Yee ha.

Now off watch on Oct 6th until 18h.
If I was home I would’ve just finished a glorious cycle ride with my lovely cycle chums.
We’re all talking about what meal we’ll have in Rio and what drink. Our two litres per day rationing for the last two weeks is showing… Sparkling water or coke seems to be ahead of beer. However, I will take whatever comes first because if we arrive on the marina late we have to wait ‘til morning to clear customs (Aghhh).

Off to snooze. Fair and fast winds to Rio will be in my dreams.


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