Ever had that feeling when your batteries have simply run dry?
I keep putting into context the extended sailing time we have to do to climbing a mountain on my bike, thinking that the next corner heralds the end when in fact you still have 5 km to go.
And then my crew mate pointed out that I never actually cycle for three weeks at a time. She has a point.

From the start of this morning’s watch we have not stopped, the boat is on a port tack, the deck on the low side is in the water and to get to the high side you feel as though you’re on a climbing wall. Plus our helmsman seems to enjoy aiming at the biggest trough sending swimming pool loads of sea water over us all.

exhausted 1

exhausted 5

We had a headsail change of the Yankee 1 screaming along with 18 knots of wind – not too much but enough to cause you to grab chunks of descending sail, attempting to fold (flake) it into some semblance of order whilst hanging on the low side, clipped on the high side, working in a squatted position, moving fast so the bowman can actually do his job… And then to drag/ carry the beast down to the cockpit to then flake and bag it ( carrying the flaked n bagged sail then back up the deck to drop it through the forward hatch into the sail locker) all with the boat flying along at this precariously poised angle.
And in amongst all of this grinding in the Yankee sheet (rope) as it flogs dangerously… Having half sweated up the sail before our beefy numbers one and two take over at the mast.

exhausted 3
exhausted 2

And now time for a snooze before we aim to win the ocean sprint over the next 36 hours (we managed 5th).

Dear cousin Mary, you are quite correct, I am indeed seriously bonkers. And kinda loving it 😉


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