So near and yet so far

Thankfully (ish) actually none of the fleet has made it to Rio yet and it’s October 5th, outside of the arrival window thanks to the doldrums episode. The leaders will probably arrive in the next day or so with us expected on the 9th.

We still have the medium weight spinnaker flying and have just gybed to get a better run into Rio. During the night we’ll be going through numerous headsail changes with a change from Champagne sailing to storm jib conditions. Probably beating into two metre waves in a force 7 which will take us directly to Rio.

And I have the next watch off thanks to being on mother watch today. The joy of going through the plastics bin and wrapping it in black bin bags, gaffer tape and then securing it in the forepeak where we keep the fenders. Never dreamed I was spending money on becoming a dab hand at refuse sorting.

We are all tired and ready for what little RnR time we’ll have in Rio, it has been fun and we all have a laugh and joke with each other. The next few days however will be pretty tough going and this is the easy leg!!!

Sweet dreams from my very narrow bunk which is where the ‘mothers’ have the “pleasure” of sleeping. There’s a chuffing great wedge of boat on the right hand side which means that I have just my body width on which to sleep, next to the forward heads and the fridge which kicks out a lot of heat. At least I now have from now (2022h) until 0515 tomorrow in which to sleep… Ear plugs in, eye mask on and off I go. Oh not to mention a snuggle with my Swiss cow mascot who I love to bits and keeps me close to my family.

Missing everyone lots and cannot wait to Skype my children and mum.

Wish us luck for the next 12hours of weather!


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