Another day in paradise

Well if that means farewell to the doldrums and welcome the Southerly trade winds, then so it is.

That said we’ll be heading into some upwind sailing, beating our way to Rio, otherwise known as bouncing up and down waves at some ridiculous angle for the next 10 days.

I forgot to mention that during our 2K party we were actually joined by two large pods of dolphins, they were jumping and twisting and somersaulting out of the water, really fun to see and so appropriate given the party atmosphere.

Everyone actually seems back to their usual perky selves. We had a fun watch even with two headsail changes, two flakes and bagging of Yankee one and two not to mention putting a reef in the main to shake it out not much later. Then the minor repair of the Yankee 2 – the hanks seem to be rubbing and leaving little scratchy holes in the sail. Then moved onto greasing the hanks, they get really stiff with the salt water build up. And this was all in the first two hours!

Then onto ‘trim, trim, trim’ and getting the boat moving as fast as possible due south.

Oh and back on with the anti-sea sickness patches, just in case the lumpy sea churns up our sensibilities. Given the level of dehydration on just 2 litres of water a day there’s a distinct possibility that sea sickness could strike again. Fingers crossed it won’t but given I have the medication available, I’m taking it and not risking feeling green!

It does unfortunately look as though we’ll finish towards the back of the pack but hearing that Jamaica has stormed through into the lead has cheered us all – their boat was the last one ready with so many issues to overcome, I hope their good luck and fair winds continue – and that we manage to claw our way back up the fleet. We’re certainly trying our best,


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