The start of things to come… Or not

We started the race from New York brilliantly having changed our approach during the Le Mans start. If I told you what it was I’d have to kill you!

We were out of the starting block as fast as our rivals Henri Lloyd and kept pace with them before they bore away north.

On our third day of sailing we are still in the top three. Long may that last.

During last night we had a warm balmy evening with a sea temperature of 23 degrees. When suddenly the air chilled and the water temperature dropped to 13 degrees!  Not only that but up ahead was thick fog.  And it was easy to see why the Atlantic is referred to as. ‘the pond’ due to the satin , dark, rippled glass like sea surface and images of the Black Pearl emerging from the sea ran through our minds.

It was extremely eerie.

The cold Labrador current was upon us and the warmth of the Gulf Stream combined to produce dense fog.

Time to find our way back into the Gulf Stream and 4 knots of assistance in our continued battle for the podium.  Looking at the weather files the Gulf Stream was clearly evident as a warm patch on the thermal imaging.

Phew.  So far so good, focused speedy, efficient sailing.


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