Leg 8

There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.’ ~ Frank Herbert

And so here we are on the last stage of our round the world adventure.

For some this is their first ocean crossing, for others, it is their last ocean crossing (ever, or for some time).

We’re embarking upon the North Atlantic crossing, “the pond” as it’s fondly referred to, but as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston clearly stated this afternoon at our crew briefing, the Atlantic can be a beast. It is anything but pond like.  From our weather forecasts it appears that 80% of our crossing will be beating upwind… Aka, lumpy, leany, downright uncomfortable and with great opportunity for lots of sea sickness.

Good luck to the new leg 8 crew I say.

As we leave New York we will be heading just south of the Grand Banks towards the Flemish Cap. For the film buffs out there, it’s the location of the “The Perfect Storm”.  Unfortunately George Clooney won’t be with us.  Or rather, should I say fortunately as he didn’t fare too well in the movie if I remember correctly!

George Clooney meets The Perfect Storm. Photograph: Warner Bros.

George Clooney meets The Perfect Storm. Photograph: Warner Bros.

So from whale watches, we move again to iceberg watches, gas and oil rig watch as well as anything big and likely to cause us damage watch! Eyes peeled, especially so when we hit the fog that may envelope us as the cold Labrador Current meets the warm Caribbean Gulf Stream.

We will also be passing over the final resting place of the Titanic, although they were passing in April and it’s a balmy June now…

RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic

Oh the fun of it all.

See you in Londonderry my friends.



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