The number 7 is apparently a magical, mysterious number and is associated with the ruler, Neptune. Seven days of the week…

However, the seven I’m talking about right now is the seven weeks until race finish.  SEVEN… That’s it.  In seven whole weeks the (current) adventure of a lifetime will be over – done – finished – at an end.

And then what?!

If you didn’t know, we’ve actually got more weeks on land than at sea 😦

However, whilst I will most certainly make the most of every moment on board, the excitement of every headsail change, the fun of every watch, the joy of every sleep, I will most definitely, with absolute confidence, be extremely happy to be back with my family and friends.

I’ve made some wonderful friends during this year and during the training with whom I will keep in touch. However, there are those with whom one is forced to live, whose mannerisms, caustic tongues and bizarre behaviours I shall not miss and with only seven weeks to go, I no longer feel the need to seek out their best bits, seeking to understand why they are as they are, they just are. Enough’s enough.

My family and the people I have chosen as friends are those I absolutely want to share my time with. I sincerely thank my friends for loving me just as I am, cranky when I need to eat or I’m over tired, impulsive with a sense of child like fun, a good listener with wide shoulders, discrete, highly principled and will doggedly fight my corner in an utterly annoying and dominant way especially for the under-dog. Oh and really bossy when organising anything because although your ideas are great…. mine are just a little bit better (hee hee). Not to mention pretty cool on the foredeck!

The current adventure of a lifetime may be coming to an end, but life is simply one massive adventure which I am very much looking forward to continuing with open arms, open heart and open mind.

So here’s to seven weeks of patience, kindness, the most awesome sailing and to being – purely and simply “being” with family and friends – old friends, new friends and those still to become friends.

May the adventure of a lifetime continue.




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