Jamaica to New York

Before every race we have a briefing about the race start, the sailing instructions, i.e. which route we are allowed to take as well as any hazards on our way.

Today’s briefing was all the more pertinent from our skipper due to the recent tragic loss of the yacht Cheeki Rafiki and her crew. They were sailing in the same waters as we will be doing. And there will be low pressure systems coming off the USA that will indeed give us a good kicking.

Today we covered flood and fire drills on board before moving onto the main clipper fleet briefing.

On board our boat we have run through all imaginable ‘what if’ scenarios and will go through emergency drills whilst we are racing. Before we started the race we completed a sea survival course and all have specific roles to play in the case of an emergency.

Of course, at sea, during ocean racing, there are a myriad of disaster scenarios that can befall a boat, we are as prepared as we can be and remember that we have eleven other sailing vessels relatively close by.

We are actually sailing through the Bermuda Triangle (seriously!) not to mention that we cannot sail within 12 N miles of the coast of Cuba and Haiti. Nor can we race the south side of Cuba in order to pick up the Gulf Stream due to the precarious political sensitivities of sailing in their waters.

Thankfully our skipper takes safety incredibly seriously and we all respect and abide by her extremely high standards.

So dear readers, we will find fair winds and keep ourselves safe.

See you in New York!


1 thought on “Jamaica to New York

  1. Michael Jon Foft

    Alysoun – here’s to a wonderful reunion w/ James, William and your Mum – am sure they’ll all be thrilled to see you. Hope you have ample time together, plus enjoy all that New York has to offer – truly one of my very favorite cities anywhere. OK now, HAVE FUN – Bill and Michael


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