Beginners luck

We’ve 7 new crew this leg and find ourselves in coaching mode a lot of the time. The enthusiasm of new joiners is fantastic yet brings its own challenges to “old hands”.

By the end of the last leg the whole crew were working like a well-oiled machine and having got used to that we find ourselves back to basics, keeping an eye on basic principles such as sheet and winch handling.

And the over confidence observed by bold, confident yet incorrect statements or usually confident individuals exploring the science of sail trim dynamics when they need to reef NOW.  Mother Nature does not ‘hang on a mo’.

It’s interesting observing these dynamics coupled with sleep deprivation due to the intense wet and sweaty heat below decks, let alone the physical demands on deck in super intense tropical sunshine – along with the odd beating or two from the sea.

It’s still really hot and two thirds of the crew have rashes due to the heat. It’s the usual full on sailing conditions with very few moments to lay back and watch for shooting stars, although watching a pod of about 20 or so dolphins leaping and twisting in unison was spectacular.

Lying in my bunk with a deliciously cool breeze coming through the open hatch, I shall wallow in the breeze and bid you farewell, it’s that zzzzz off watch time again…zzzzzzzzz


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