Hot stuff

Remember back to leg one when we crossed the equator from north to south? Remember the light airs and the heat?

Well the South to North crossing could not have been more different.

Monsoon season with every kind of squall imaginable; 40 knot winds gusting 80 – although we think our wind instruments are over reading, makes for good reading though! LOL

So we haven’t quite managed the homage to Neptune party just yet.

With 574 miles to the end of this leg of the race we are finding ourselves now in light airs with the threat of a wind hole absorbing any chances of our making Singapore anytime soon. After the 574 there’s a further 1300 nm to go! Please, not another Rio!!!

relief as the sun sets

relief as the sun sets

Coming off watch this lunchtime was such a relief, the sun is so intense that even applying the fantastic Clarins sun care products we have on board, you still feel as though your skin is frying.

And the thought of jumping into cool bunks was our dream. Instead here we are simply oozing from every pore. Simply revolting really.

Adding the two distances together with an average speed of eight knots gives us 9 more days of sailing. It’s January 31st today…. We’ll be late into Singapore for sure, wet, drained, in desperate need of fresh water showers….. Hmmmm

Thank heavens for a great group of folk in my watch with whom we can laugh and joke our way through this hot n sticky period.

In tough times, surround yourself with good friends and laughter 😉


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