The start – Rolex Sydney Hobart 2013

THE most iconic race in the sailing calendar and the Clipper fleet are taking part for the first time.

Sydney to Hobart: Vicky Ellis has faith in her crew of hardened amateurs

We are officially “hardened amateurs” according to our skipper as we line up with professional sailors not to mention Clipper’s Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, whom we hope to beat. Our skipper, Vicky Ellis, is one of two female skippers in the race, so quite an historic occasion ahead for Team Switzerland.

crew tag RSHYR

I sit here reading the sailing instructions especially those related to the radio instructions for which we incur significant penalty points should we miss a transmission.

radio instructions RSHYR

And whilst this race is hugely exciting I am also saying goodbye to my family. James, I will see in early February in Singapore but I will only see the kids on Skype until I end the race on July 12th in London. It has been fantastic having them with me here in Sydney even though we missed William and my Mum massively, not to mention Amanda and Robert’s Xmas drinks that are always so great.

Team Switzerland will do their absolute best during this race, as we enjoy one more time the Tasman Sea and the infamous Bass Strait.

Switzerland RSHYR


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