It’s Christmas

Three months – nearly 20,000nm – 4 Continents – and it’s Christmas!

Here I am with most (but not all) of my family on Christmas day in Sydney, Australia.

Family and friends in Sydney

Family and friends in Sydney

I’ve probably sailed more miles in three months than your average coastal sailor in the UK sails in a year, and I’d never sailed before embarking upon this adventure.  I’ve travelled across the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic, South Atlantic, dipped into the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Tasman sea – including the Bass Straits (don’t add them to your cruising list!) and here I am on Christmas day contemplating the start of the Sydney Hobart race that starts tomorrow at 13h local time.

Tasmania over there

Tasmania over there

I’ve had THE most amazing three (nearly four) months. My wonderful hubbie joining me in most of the stop-over locations. Our youngest son joining me in Cape Town and now here in Sydney our two eldest. Along the way I’ve been supported by letters of encouragement in most ports from my Mum, Jean and Lesley (and I still “blame” you for sparking my interest in this race of a lifetime-and love you for it!!) not to mention surprise visits from old friends in Albany – Isobel and Warwick. Isobel taught William in year three of primary school and drove all the way from Perth to see me in Albany. It was THE most amazing surprise when I heard my name in the boatshed very early in the morning in Albany, and turned around to see them. And so uplifting. They even took time out of their busy Christmas schedule to then drive back over to Perth before sending me and the Swiss team off to Sydney. Special.

Isobel and Warwick

Friends in Albany, Australia

Arriving in Sydney to see my daughter and husband on the quay followed by Sunday lunch with the Hodge family who we met in Geneva 10 years ago. I so love Facebook and how it contributes to keeping in touch.

The messages and support from my lovely Cousin Mary and her family – little Cuz’s. Makes me smile so much. The send-off from my best girlfriends ever in London including Anne keeping my blogs coming – THANK YOU as well and my Aunty and Cuz Mary. The emails from supporters and the tweet messages – I’m such a technodork, however, thanks to Anne I get messages of support from some of you I’ve never met. I love it and it keeps me going during those wet n windy and rather lumpy moments out on the water.

So today we head out to celebrate Christmas lunch in the sun (well, a tad rainy so a little like the UK on Christmas day) I can imagine the smell of the snow in the mountains and send Christmas greetings and safe skiing messages to my buddies at home. The aircon’ rumbles overhead in our apartment and in amongst opening awesome Christmas gifts I do last minute packing (with lots of Christmas chocolate to nibble during watches).

christmas nibbles

Christmas nibbles

time for those Christmas nibbles

time for those Christmas nibbles

I send all of you who I have met and haven’t yet met the most special of Christmas greetings. May Christmas be happy for all of you and 2014 bring you good luck, good health, happiness and success in whatever shape or form you hope for.

Thank you for following my blog and supporting KULE and Friends of India as well as the fantastic work that MERCY SHIPS undertakes. So far the Swiss team have raised enough to contribute to an extra 12 operations – making a huge difference to 12 individuals and their families. THANK YOU and a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS with much love from me.




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