Day 7

On Mother watch and baked bread and scones and finally showered and washed my hair feeling very good and clean.
We had a visitor on board in the shape of a sparrow sized greenish plumed bird. Wish I had my twitcher book with me, birds of the North Atlantic at 32 degrees of latitude. Still over 3000 miles to go with the doldrums ahead of us, many of the boats noting serious damage to their spinnakers and ours still all three intact. Our skipper is even confident in us to sail the kite during the night.

Life on board is a series of routines ranging from six hours on and six off which in reality means you might get four hours sleep due to the watch handover and race updates or of course if you get a spinnaker wrap or the hanks rip of your headsail then no one gets any reprieve.
Just putting off that next job ’til you have a quick cuppa does not exist here.

Cup of tea

Then you have chafe checks, deck and rig checks plus the usual housekeeping. Funny how some people think that jobs magically do themselves.

hot knifing, a serious business!

hot knifing, a serious business!

As a crew we are gelling well. No significantly annoying personalities and in the main a hilarious sense of humour all round.
We have quite an Italian contingent on board and they keep us entertained not to mention a superb supply of espresso….nice!
Off now until 6 am. Sweet dreams one ‘n’ all.


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