Welcome to 23 degrees North

And here we are in the tropics with four days to go until we reach the opening in the doldrums that will let us pass with 5 to 7 knots of wind rather than zero, unless the weather Gods are playing a nasty trick.

So we’ve moved from an upwind sail with all white sails flying ( hope you enjoy the jargon- Yankee2 staysail mainsail) me on helm with a fab 17 knots flying through waves and cracking up with a whoop as I cover my fellow watch mate in a shower of white spume. He vows to get me back which in fact happens as with 5 mins before I go off watch I too am showered. Soaked to the skin and laughing heartily.

Over dinner with the whole crew we witness a huge shoal of tuna followed by dolphins and later on a vast shoal of flying fish hurdling their way through and over the Atlantic. Along with a visit from a tiny bird who looks as though he shouldn’t be anywhere near a big ocean. He sits and gathers his strength for half an hour perching on lines, on my head and on knees before heading somewhere else.
Blog 11 flying fish
We are often hit by flying fish who then in stunned silence gaze at us from the deck with desperate hope that we throw them back into the sea before they expire.
Our deck checks now involve hunting flying fish who haven’t been quite so fortunate and find themselves festering in the rope bags or elsewhere, otherwise in the heat of the tropics the aroma of rotting fish would be rather a challenge even with the glorious scent of Clarins lingering in the air.


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