The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm – shorts and t-shirts replaced by thermals in less than a watch change!

Here we are in the area made famous by the movie. We are hoping that massive low pressure systems won’t impact us in quite the same way!

As we head south of the Grand Banks towards the Flemish cap the waves are bigger and lumpier – calling for dry suit on deck.  The water temperature has dropped from 17° to 4°C in less than a few hours.  Survival time is limited if you go overboard in these conditions – our focus on safety, as always, is paramount.

We hear that we’ve also just passed over the last known position of the Titanic and we’ve gone from shorts and t-shirts to base layers, mid layers as well as watching out for icebergs – or growlers – bits of iceberg that would certainly cause some damage to the boat if you ran into them.

A berg will show up on radar if it’s big enough but a 4 meter growler probably won’t. So you look out for changes in the wave pattern. Not such an easy job when the sea is lumpy enough anyway. For the safety of half your crew sleeping it is so important that we keep watch both of radar as well as visually. Some of the boats further back are seeing ice, thankfully nothing appears in our vicinity.


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