Happy Christmas lovely friends, family and blog followers,

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have but rather of recognising and appreciating what we do have.” ~ Friedrich Koenig

Christmas Eve last year involved ensuring the boat was ready to race. Last minute preparations and team briefings to clarify race start roles and our tactics for the infamous, famous and treacherous Sydney Hobart yacht race.

Christmas day in Sydney was rainy, and without my youngest son and my Mum it wasn’t quite altogether. No “usual” pre-Christmas parties with friends and family, however a great evening of secret Santa gifts at Charlie, Nick and Ralf’s apartment.

And this year, parties galore, friends all around and a feeling of warmth and happiness and comfort. Not to mention the amazing amount of cycling we’ve been able to do, right up to today. Not great for those hoping for a white Christmas in the Alps. Great though for those of us mad enough to ride out in 5°C on a Sunday morning.

I’ve now been home five months since the race finished, applied for about a dozen jobs, had half a dozen interviews, decorated two of our bedrooms, cleaned out cupboards, made numerous trips to the charity shops, caught up with friends and cycled over 2,000km.

Two great friends and race followers have got married, my friend and inspiration for joining the race has had a baby girl, and my daughter is in her final year of University having directed an amazing youth production of the musical “Hairspray” in August. Middle son is doing well studying his fine art degree and young son is having a ball, excuse the pun, playing rugby and studying A-levels. I found out that another friend I met back in the 80’s had died of a brain tumour, another has had a double mastectomy and others are creaking at the seams.

I am thankful on a daily basis for good health, stamina, resilience and a darn good sense of humour.

I may not have found paid employment ……..yet, and please don’t get me started on on-line application sites……. However, I am home, safe and warm with family and great friends. I stretched myself beyond what I imagined possible last year. I still have a distinct and profound dislike of the Tasman sea and have no great desire to sail in those waters e-v-e-r again (sorry Viki Moore!) But then Viki is in NZ and has the roaring 40’s to contend with on potentially a daily basis. The 40’s are Viki’s playground, hats off to her! Viki writes a great blog under “Astrolabe Sailing”.


Photo credit: Viki Moore


And Bailey boat cat is one of my heros , he’s a pawsome individual who I would never have expected to meet. Bailey is a male seal point Siamese cat who lives on a yacht on the coast near Rome and through his blog kept me entertained during my round the world adventure. He even has a book called “Adventures of a feline afloat”. Check his stories out at www.baileyboatcat.com


Photo credit: BaileyBoatCat


So on Christmas Eve, from my home in France, with my family around me, I bid you all a wonderful festive season and good wishes, good luck, good health and happiness with a huge dose of fun and laughter to you all during 2015.

Cycling on Christmas Eve

Cycling on Christmas Eve

Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had


1 thought on “Happy Christmas lovely friends, family and blog followers,

  1. Franoise Andr

    Dear Alyson,

    Christmas and new Year are over, and it is not to late to thank you again for sharing your wonderful adventure with me during the past year, it was a real privilege, which i miss, so how much more you must miss it.

    I send you and your husband and family all my wishes for this coming year, hoping that you will find just the right job for yourself. And lots of happy cycling!

    Look forward to seeing you again soon.


    From: spinnakersandspokes Reply-To: spinnakersandspokes Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 22:08:17 +0000 To: Françoise André Subject: [New post] Happy Christmas lovely friends, family and blog followers,

    WordPress.com alysouns2013 posted: “³We tend to forget that happiness doesn¹t come as a result of getting something we don¹t have but rather of recognising and appreciating what we do have.² ~ Friedrich Koenig Christmas Eve last year involved ensuring the boat was ready to race. Last min”


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