What a race

Well folks, as you’ll know by now we made it into New York in 4th place.

Initially I was hugely disappointed but as I reflected on the ten days at sea I became really proud.

We’d done something amazing. Our focus on boat performance with concentration on trim and helming was something we’d never done before with such a concerted degree of intensity. And the payoff was incredible.

Unfortunately one of our Yankee sheets broke at the knot – the clew end. And that cost us six miles at least, by the time we’d recovered the sail, taken off the rope, re run it and re hoisted. We then had another sheet go and this time we ended up in a bad current. Darn it, but it’s the nature of ocean racing. You win some, you lose some.

One thing I do know is that I gave it my all, I listened and learnt from others, tested out and applied the learning about sail trim and worked really hard to ensure our boat was performing at its best.

Beautiful arrival scene into New York

Beautiful arrival scene into New York

Proud Swiss team

Proud Swiss team


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