The Big Apple 2

It’s 5am on Friday and the satellite phone rings. This always raises our attention as more often than not it’s the Clipper race office calling with news. But what news today?

Our skipper sticks her head out of the hatch from the navigation station to the cockpit.  We’ve already debated what kind of news could await us.

And we were right.

They’ve called the race short i.e. moved the finish line forward, and right now we are in second place with OneDLL and Great Britain behind us and Henri Lloyd ahead – but not by far.

We have either 5nm or 200 nm until the stated finish line. If the wind significantly dies off for the back end of the fleet then this first line will mean we’ve gained second place.  Otherwise we have a further 200nm to battle against three other boats.

We are so focused on helming, on sail trim, on boat performance, the crew are 100% working together. It’s teamwork at its best.

So I’m off watch now until midday. I am equally excited and apprehensive. We must hold off two rivals and gain ground on another. And I need to get some sleep.

5 miles and we’re second.  200 and…

Keep your fingers crossed for us.


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