Bermuda Triangle

Never thought this was somewhere in which I’d be sailing, but yes, here we are. We were sorely tempted to go into stealth mode during our time crossing the triangle – that period when no one except the race office knows where we are.  However recent tragic news stories soon brought us back to a sensible decision to remain ‘on line’.

Clipper briefing Bermuda Triangle

So here we are out of the tropics, still darn warm though. Last night flying our wind-seeker thanks to only 4knots of breeze. At 0530 we hoisted the code 1, lightweight spinnaker. My first time, in a race, out on the bowsprit.

The sea was as calm as a mill pond! But please don’t let that detract from the nail biting trip out over the top of the hanked on Yankee one, negotiating clipping on and off the pulpit followed by a gentle easing of bottom along the bowsprit.

Then a glorious breakfast of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, such a treat before heading off watch and four hours of sleep. Even at 0600h this morning the heat of the sun was intense, this afternoon will probably be one of our last in significant heat as we gently climb up the east coast of the USA.

We are officially out of the tropics, seems like a lifetime ago since we entered. Perhaps foulies will be our attire as we reach New York. Certainly nights are becoming cooler with lightweight jackets being donned. Only one more ocean to cross before being in home waters.

And with that in mind, the end in sight, silly pranks are happening in each watch, spiders and snakes appearing ‘from no-where’. Shocking eh!

Loving it – just wait ’til the rat appears in the galley bilge.

Hee hee.

Happy sailing


2 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle

  1. Maureen

    Have just checked the race schedule and you are already on your way across the Atlantic towards home and long past the Bermuda Triangle. What a great adventure it has been – for the armchair adventurer (me!) following you I can’t believe the end is approaching and it seems to have gone so quickly. Bet it hasn’t been so fast for you though! Looking forward to hearing all the stories in person. Happy end of the journey – fingers crossed for team Switzerland!

  2. Francoise andre

    Just does not seem possible that a year has gone by. Thanks for making it exciting through your Blogs, I shall miss them, hopefully will get to hear you pearsonaly! soon.


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