The Big Apple 1

Racing from Jamaica to New York provides a mix of sailing from on the nose winds, punching into the waves, to full on reaching and then there’s the possibility of spinnaker sailing. Should be fun.

But in the meantime we must navigate our way between Cuba and Haiti being sure to avoid not only the 12 miles coastal exclusion zone, Guantanamo bay (!) and the TSS (jargon for traffic separation scheme i.e. big ships only) but choosing the best way through the Bahamas, not getting ‘lost’ in the Bermuda Triangle, as well as deciding when to pick up the Gulf Stream.

We’ve all agreed to do the roles in which we perform our best without actually using the word ‘specialisation’…

And so far so good


1 thought on “The Big Apple 1

  1. Kevin hughes

    Dear Ali
    Its Kevin of the Hughes-.been following your adventure with a mixture of great interest and respect, feeling pretty inadequate being the armchair adventurer That I am. We are currently in New Zealand where Steff is playing for Wales in the junior world cup, we did take a ferry to Whaiteke island, so it’s a sailing of sort!
    Nic and I wish you the very best for the rest of your journey and look forward to seeing you sometime.
    All our love


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