Amazing mums and daughters


What an incredible surprise when I connected back to email in Panama.

My mum had mentioned that she’d ‘do something’ to raise money for the charities I’m supporting as I race around the world,

Well, that ‘something’ turned out to be a marathon baking feat. Katherine, my daughter had just returned to University and took precious revision time to help out. Except of course mum hadn’t stopped all weekend and the only help required at this point was beautiful table setting – and eating!

cake table

Having invited friends, neighbours and work colleagues her house was transformed into a delicious sweet heaven. Homemade everything from Victoria sponge cake to scones; lemon cake; chocolate and raspberry torte; biscuits – you name it, you could eat it.

And in return for a nibble or two, a very polite request was made for donations to the charities, the amount raised to be split three ways between Mercy Ships (our boat charity) and KULE/ Friends of India, my own charities.

logo_msch   KULE Foundation iconfriends of india icon

Mercy Ships                     KULE / Friends of India

So the end result from extremely generous friends; neighbours and work colleagues was £260 raised – thanks to cake eating!

A massive thank you from one daughter to another daughter and a super duper mum/ Granny. Not to mention all of you who so generously widened your waistbands and shrunk your purses.

Thank you xxxx



2 thoughts on “Amazing mums and daughters

  1. Michael Jon Foft

    Alysoun – When talking with your Mum she said she had a gathering of friends to raise some money for your charities, but I had no idea it was that much – wonderful! Cynthia – what a lovely table of scrumptious treats, am sure everyone enjoyed them. (what is a bakewell tart?). And when they all left did you relax with just a bit of single-malt? – sure hope so.

    BTW Alysoun – don’t know how, when or if you are notified of contributions to your charities, but we sent $100.00USD for your two personal ones. Now ENJOY NYC! – Bill and Michael

  2. Gillian

    Wow, what am amazing table of food, they must have worked so hard. Have a fab time in new York all of you.


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