Day 21

What a race this is. I usually come off watch with enough energy to write something. Not this time!

The race from Singapore to Qingdao really took it out of me, the cold, the harsh beating sailing conditions knocked me for six. I imagine actually the relentless nature of the clipper round the world yacht race is also taking its toll. The stopovers are simply more yacht related jobs and corporate sails with very little time off just to relax.

As for the Pacific Ocean – big, powerful, grey and wet. We therefore have been pretty lucky with some glorious days of downwind champagne sailing – interspersed with grey, wet, lumpy and wild seas yet nothing (so far) that compares to the Southern ocean sea states we encountered.

And that brings me to the fact that whilst eating at least one snickers bar per day plus numerous biscuits, cups of Horlicks (!); soup and two helpings of each meal, I am still hungry and often so tired that at the end of a watch my fleecy warm sleeping bag beckons more loudly than my desire to write.

So today in spite of spending six hours in persistent rain; running the sheets for the C2 spinnaker; dropping the C3 spinnaker; hoisting the Yankee 1; peeling to the code 2; dropping the Yankee; hoisting the wrap net; trimming in horribly light airs for 3 hours; swapping to the lightweight sheets; dropping the extremely droopy C2 and re running the sheets for a wind-seeker hoist preceded by a staysail hoist; it’s actually quite remarkable that I find myself with energy to write.

I do have my iPod on shuffle plugged into ears as well as having devoured two big bowls of pasta for lunch; have also troughed my way through a packet of chocolate biscuits!

So now it’s time for sleep before the onslaught of two night watches.

Sweet dreams xx


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