Continuing with the weather theme, a typical English topic of conversation.  But really, every minute north it really does seem to get colder with night watches only just bearable. Even below deck we are all sleeping in our base layers and socks as it’s just too much for bare flesh to take.

Along with the cold we are racking on at a pace with average speeds of ten knots in the actual direction we want to go. Huge amounts of shipping around, some with lights, some without, ensuring the need for all eyes on deck looking into the cold wet air for signs of movement.

So cold was it last night that I cramped up, my back literally froze and on hands and knees I had to ask for help. The pain was excruciating, to the point where you simply cannot speak. I was initially scared it was as a consequence of the rather epic airborne across the foredeck tumble I’d taken 24 hours earlier – one of those incidents that you don’t really want to tell your mum about… (I really am ok mum!)

Simply cramp I’m pleased to report, albeit leaving me feeling I’ve gone several rounds with Mike Tyson, and he won.

So with less than 300 miles to go I can honestly say this has been the hardest race so far. I’ll be extremely happy to get off the boat in Qingdao and take what little reprieve there is before the big one.

The Pacific!

See you in San Francisco my friends. Xx


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