Did I say Chilly?

Did I say it was chilly a blog or so ago?  Well if that was chilly, then this is what I’d describe in true northern fashion as “chuffing cold”.  More layers, but worse is the shock each time you sit on the frosty porcelain heads.  Jeepers it sends you into orbit it’s so cold!

And coming out of the fog took us straight into 30knot winds and very lumpy seas. Storm jib and Yankee 3 weather!

A few days reprieve but fundamentally this is an uphill upwind slog. Constantly heeled over, frequently tacking, making sleeping a significant challenge. There’s a knack to wedging yourself into the bunk that we all learnt during the southern ocean leg but it’s still hard as there are moments of airborne weightlessness during which you simply brace yourself for the slam and contemplate what will fly at you and hit you. Yesterday it was the wooden saloon seat onto the back of my leg. You know it hurts when no words escape your lips.

Thankfully humour is retained and we constantly take the micky out of each other as well as playing practical jokes. Wake ups have become a topic of amusement as we scheme the next wacky way in which to awake crew in time for their next watch.

For now though it’s still just over 600 miles to Qingdao having safely navigated our way through the Taiwan Straits into the East China Sea albeit having to hove to a couple of times to avoid tankers that just stop in front of you.

Sleep time for me as I wedge myself between the wall, my mattress and the lee cloth in anticipation of a tack at some stage during this off watch period.

Sweet dreams xx


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