Murky and Misty

You wouldn’t think that going sideways from 111 degrees latitude to 112 there would be a sudden change in temperature. Literally from one watch to the next a change from shorts and t shirt to leggings under shorts along with long sleeve light weight thermal and jacket.

The two night watches before arriving in Hong Kong had already warranted jacket and socks under boots but all of a sudden the temperatures are significantly lower.

The waters are teaming with fishing vessels and trawlers five boats in width, many of which don’t show on AIS nor radar. Even more disconcerting therefore when, after a log entry at 3 am I come back on deck to find that in five minutes we are in thick fog.

The fog is thick and clammy, the navigation lights bounce reflections off the ropes onto the fog. One minute the stars are still visible, the next we are fully cocooned in thick grey sludge. Concentrating when helming is just as difficult as driving in thick fog and just as disorientating. You can only just see the outline of watch mates from the helm to the companion way steps, it’s that dense.

A change of course to come to starboard ten degrees is soon changed to divert course 30 degrees to port for a vessel we can’t see or hear but that thankfully is showing on our systems. And this isn’t even anything like the traffic we’ll encounter nearer Qingdao.

Something to look forward to then…!?


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