Skiing…pah we have 40 deg of heat‏

My sheet is crisp with sweat.  My hair is plastered to my head with sweat.  My body is leaking sweat.  Oh the joy of the tropics. But hey I can say that I have sailed by the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Borneo, New Britain and lord knows where else.  Whoop whoop and sweated.

The on watch forgot to open the hatches below deck so we just oozed water from our pores.  Just horrid.  So I am feeling the cold of the snow and imagining the crisp cool air against my skin and it feels sooooooooo good.  I am dreaming of mango sorbet and ice lollies, of ice cold coke and a cool shower.

Keep dreaming girl coz we have weeks of this left to go.


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