Spots… Sweat… And the fun continues

On watch at 6 am today brought with it a Yankee 2 hank and hoist, a Yankee 3 drop and bag, swiftly followed by a staysail drop thanks to a threatening squall. Then a hoist and another drop followed by a Yankee drop intermingled with cleaning the bilges, prepping for reefing in and out and tacking twice.

hanging in there

hanging in there

We were all particularly disappointed by our skipper’s decision to tack away from a rain squall. The excited anticipation of a rain water shower was beyond our wildest dreams. For me, the next fresh water shower, my second since we left Brisbane, will be on Feb 2nd when I’m next on mother watch. And sadly this voyage we are limited to three baby wipes a day, not our glorious six. Words have been had with the victualler!

Salty, sweaty, greasy hair combined with a crispy, crusty sweat infested (Egyptian) cotton (nice) bed sheet not to mention the red rash of skin that is beginning to loath the sun and heat… you kind of get the gist of the delights this leg is bringing us all.

I am envious of the European winter, the cold fresh winter air… Oh my!


2 thoughts on “Spots… Sweat… And the fun continues

  1. John

    Wow -This adventure is tough but unforgettable – despite the rashes or because of them? Whichever the answer the time is flying by and the race is still unfolding around you. am more than a little envious!

  2. Mary Dee Foft

    Stick with it. You are an inspiration to so many! ‘Saying prayers for you often!!
    God speed, Mary Dee Foft


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