Look out

Look out – what do you hope for today?!

Ship lookout during the fog for oil rigs and whales; depth and squalls; more whales; container ships; tree trunks; pirates; our competitors; albatross… You name it, we’ve looked out for it.

Lunch time is ‘please don’t let it be couscous’ or ‘I wonder if Charlie made his amazing sponge pudding’.

A visit to the heads brings prayers of please sit down guys, it’s really not that long and your aim is lousy.

And in the half hour before the end of the watch fingers are tightly crossed that the rain stays away; that the wind won’t pick up so much as to warrant a headsail change and that your pants stay dry!

May your day be dry with great things to look for and fun things to hope for.


1 thought on “Look out

  1. Lesley Roberts

    May your pants stay dry.
    May the men sit down.
    May the mothers find some chocolate brownie mix and tinned fruit.
    May Mr Rabbit Cage get up close and personal with a baby wipe.
    And most of all, may you find a nice warm thermal as you approach China. (That is of course, once you’ve left Japan – oh the joys of Clipper!).



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