Dripping. Melting.

We had all forgotten the unpleasant start to the doldrums we’d experienced on the way down. However at 12 degrees south we were all under no further illusion as to what the next several thousand miles would bring.

We have had two days of intense heat, below deck it’s around 40 degrees C and there’s no air flow thanks to waves continually crashing over the deck and cockpit – the hatches remain closed and it’s suffocating. Crew cannot sleep and are becoming exhausted.

Thankfully today we actually have open hatches and some flow of air. Phew!

Even had to have one of those crew conversations about body odour – and avoiding it as the port corridor has started to whiff like a badly maintained rabbit’s hutch. And then individually the guys approached me asking if it was they who whiffed – well, all the guys except the one who does! Oops some of the guys aren’t just sweating, they’re leaking!!! It’s tough in the heat.

We’re coming up to the first scoring gate before we hit the doldrums for real.

The sand… The heat…. The flies…. Aghhhhhhhh Just gotta keep smiling 🙂 and thank heavens there are no mirrors on board and be VERY happy for Clarins body mousse – those of us who do wash at least smell good for a few minutes!


1 thought on “Dripping. Melting.

  1. Francoise andre

    Wow, does not sound (Smell like fun) ! love your news,and thinking of you continualy. Thanks to the crew for MS. You are GREAT .


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