Deja vu

Back to squall watching, remember, the domain of leg one. Well, they’re back!

its behind you

It’s behind you!

and its getting bigger and blacker!

and its getting bigger and blacker!

Coming on watch at 6 am we hoisted the code 3 spinnaker (the heavy one) and within less than half an hour had to drop it thanks to squall number one.

It rained so heavily that the sea and the sky seemed one, grey sheets of rain mixing with sea spray.

So I headed below deck to wool the spinnaker – a no doubt familiar occurrence this race.

No sooner did I get back on deck than yet another squall attack and so it continued all morning this time with big black crowds providing thirty knot gusts.

Lindsey points out the radar FULL of squall activity

Lindsey points out the radar FULL of squall activity

I love the drowned rat look and feel confident the spring fashion shows will model the look. Oh to be a fashion leader!

squall hair

squall hair

Having a go on the helm in moderate sea was going well until that first gust and the next. Ralf was my helm buddy and I squealed like a right girlie for him to take the helm…Another Micky take opportunity for my crew mates, not to mention the other one they had in less than 3 days – losing a couple of hundred pounds worth of kit off the bow sprit (oops) well, there’s no way I should be there really (LOL). I was gutted that it happened even going so far as hiring a diver to try to retrieve it!

Each time I ask our bowman, Gordon, if he knows where something is he kindly replies that if I was the last one to have my hands on it then it’s probably overboard… Cheeky blighter.

It’s good to be back on board. Albeit my fingers have decided to moult and I have my fingertips peeling. Another really cool spring look perhaps.

Oh for humour and good buddies on board.

Off to the land of nod…Ooooo guess what… I changed bunk and there I was thinking I had become a creature of habit!

Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzz


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