So what’s it really like?

Imagine yourself sitting in your place of work or sitting at home, doing the ironing; cleaning the bathroom; just going about your day to day business.

And then add the floor angled between 30 and 40 degrees. Remember the fairground attractions, the dodgem cars and roller coasters? That moment on the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers when you are suspended in mid-air, knowing you will drop but on that first time ride, not knowing where you’ll actually land. And the stomach churning weightlessness as you hurtle forward into the dark. Stick the dodgem track on the roller coaster, with the drops, the twists and turns and you have a sense of the feeling.

Life on an angle
Life on an angle

So there you are in a dodgem car, hurtling around and suddenly from the side, or the back, or the front, you are walloped by another car. Remember that feeling?

Then there we are back in the office, quietly minding your own business, concentrating hard on the job in hand and suddenly out of nowhere someone comes along and kicks you, or thumps you or just barges past you without any warning nor apology.

Oh and then when all this is going on, someone else is showering you with very cold salty water at about 30mph. And they spray it extra hard in your mouth and eyes and try very hard to spray you down the inside of your clothes, that are already damp because the night before you washed them, left them to dry in the cold garage before putting them back on this morning.

That is life on the foredeck as you are trying to put up or bring down a sail, the waves crashing into you and over you with the feeling that you are being beaten. The movement of the boat sends you hurtling forward or backward, with moments of weightlessness as the boat plummets down a wave with the added dimension of waves crashing over you, sea water stinging your eyes and drying out your mouth.

And when you do get the chance for a refreshing cup of tea, a touch of sea water always adds a little je ne sais quoi, combined with a soggy biscuit – and that’s before you’ve even dunked it in your tea!

Life in the office will never quite be the same!


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