Taming the beast

As we slipped lines with the thought of a third crossing of the Tasman Sea, we hoped for a less painful journey. But no, the beast was not for taming and as we headed out our first warning of what was to come was the sight of Team GB to port in a massive broach.

The waves ensured that the incident looked far worse than it was yet within seconds GB was on its side skidding sideways towards us. Our skipper shouted at our helm to keep a straight course, with her eyes firmly fixed on the fast approaching yacht we all just stared in horror. Thankfully GB was brought under control about 200m from us. None of realised that we’d been holding our breath, but even in the harsh raucous wind there was an audible sigh of relief.

More lumpy, bumpy, leany seas welcomed us and challenged our seamanship. However on this occasion we were on fine form and our sail changes were done with great skill and teamwork.

We came across huge cargo ships “not under command” and apparently coming in our direction on a couple of occasions. We were chasing down Londonderry and One DLL and were up with the leaders.

lumpy bumpy seas

This race was full on, every watch filled with activity, headsail changes, anti-chafe measures, ensuring we weren’t carrying too much weight, clean the bilges, pump the grey tanks…you name it, ensuring our boat speed was foremost on our mind was the name of the game.

And we did it, we not only beat the beast that calls itself the Tasman Sea, we also won race 7 of the Clipper Round The World yacht race.

Team Switzerland share champagne after race 7 win


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