Happy New Year

I never imagined myself spending a new year in a hot climate and certainly not one right at the other side of the world.

Yet here I am in Hobart, Tasmania having seen in 2014 from the deck of Derry~Londonderry~Doire.


An evening with good friends, one of whom sadly cannot continue the race due to a medical issue. I’ll miss Rob although he has sailed half the world, four continents and 5 oceans including competing in the Sydney Hobart race. Pretty amazing I’d say.

Alysoun Rob and Simon

I enjoyed spending the evening with new friends whilst remembering very fondly my dear friends across the globe and in particular those with whom I usually spend New Year. I missed William and Mum and although having spent a great Christmas with family, and extremely excited for them seeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge alight with fireworks at midnight. I missed them hugely.

Katherine Matthew and James in Sydney

Happy new year to all of you following my blog!

Including Bailey the amazing boat cat, I wish you all a purrrfect 2014, may it be filled with happiness, good health, lots of luck; laughter and love.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Michael Jon Foft

    CONGRATULATIONS! – to you and your crew mates on being the first into Brisbane – how wonderful and a well-deserved job by all. Enjoy your short respite there – savoring real beds, baths, good booze, and billabongs…..then on to Singapore – will you get to The Raffles hotel?. We’ve been following the on-line updates and wish you all the very best. Anxiously looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco in April. Take care and continue to HAVE FUN! – Bill and Michael, Sacramento, CA, USA


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