Prize giving

Royal Tasmania Yacht Club

Switzerland is now in overall 7th place, we are creeping up the leader board.

Arriving in Hobart 6th in the Clipper fleet was a tad disappointing although pretty well done if you think about the penalty turns we took at the start of the race.

However we did have every reason to celebrate as Vicky our skipper was the first female skipper over the line.

Skipper Vicky receiving her prize

Skipper Vicky at prizegiving

A great atmosphere at the Royal Tasmania yacht club on New Year’s Day.

Aly on stage at prizegiving

We also had more reason to celebrate due to a rather audacious approach that worked a treat at the Clipper prize giving the day before. I managed to get a slot on stage at the end of prize giving and Chris explained all about the charity, Mercy Ships, Team Switzerland are supporting. I then described the pain that our crew mate Richard Greer was prepared to endure, provided that we raised the $1500 required to save one life.

Richard is particularly hairy and has volunteered to endure a half leg wax if we raise the $1500. In a moment of weakness he agreed to a whole leg wax if we raise $3000…

And in less than a half hour we raised $1060! At the yacht club we received extremely kind donations bringing our total to $1513!!

Mercy Ships Saving Lives Every Leg

What a fantastic start to 2014. Another life improved, I am so proud. Thank you Richard and thank you to the wonderfully generous people here in Tasmania including the awesome clipper crews.


1 thought on “Prize giving

  1. Mary Dee Foft

    So happy you have been safe & encouraged in your journey! I pray The Lord who made the heaven & the earth will continue to guide you & “your mates”! God speed & take care , Mary Dee. (Michael’s sister)


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