How far we’ve come

Watching the awe, amazement, concern and excitement of new leggers shows us just how far we’ve come as individuals and a crew.

The predicted 60 knot winds just rolled in and out with new crew aghast at the size of the waves and the noise of the wind.

For those of us who ‘enjoyed’ the wrath of Mother Nature last leg, this was a mere walk in the park on a blustery autumn day. What was lovely was watching the expressions on the face of new crew, like watching children’s excited faces as they watch the latest Pixar movie.

Our skipper is less on deck during many sail or reefing exercises. We brief and debrief everything we do, ensuring everyone understands and can carry out their role with all of us being aware of the snag and safety points. We write up all our learning points so that we avoid Groundhog Day moments as well as being able to share with new crew each leg.

We can all read the radar to see squalls and take appropriate action coupled with reading the clouds around us. Recognising the start of the cold front or an area of high pressure and light winds we should avoid – remembering that albatross sitting on the water in NOT good- they need a good dose of wind to fly and a sitting albatross whilst cute just isn’t what you want to see whilst on a racing yacht!

After 18,000 nm we’ve come a long way since we left London on September 1st with a lot more learning happening every day.

We’ve come a long way with further to go and much more fun, challenges and excitement to follow. Just remind me I said that next time I write a OMG I am exhausted blog 😉


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