Number One

Foredeck work was, I thought, the domain of beefy chaps. It appears however that we ladies have a place there too.

I’m usually number four, relaying messages from the cockpit/helm to the bow and foredeck crew as well as encouraging everyone to pull together – literally.

In the last 24 hours I have moved to number two – a challenge and a half in the tiny forward deck area by the pulpit, crushed between sail and guard rail and nowhere to gain any purchase on the sail you’re man handling. Then a little trip out onto the bowsprit – the domain of the fearless… I’m not quite there yet! And later with our usual number one on mother watch I find myself hanking on the Yankee three and dropping/ un hanking the storm jib. Thankfully both are relatively small sails and so it was a gentle initiation.

And yes, I did volunteer – now what was that about feeling tired and worn out, do I never learn to give myself a break? In all honesty probably not and whilst it’s a necessity on board (or is it) I will learn to be a little more gentle with myself, for now however with the great crew we have I shall enjoy taking turns to help one another out when we each peak and trough in energy and enthusiasm.

Time for the “long” sleep now before the onslaught of two night watches.  An awesome Clarins product pre bed bit of TLC and now to sleep.



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