How tired is tired?

How tired is tired? When the last watch you came off was the hardest and they just keep getting harder.

Dropping, flaking and sausage rolling two headsails, lifting on deck a spinnaker sail – 2 of us on deck and two pushing up from the sail locker. Running and re running the preventer line to the bow for yet another gybe in wave crashing conditions. And it seems to be the same people who see what needs to be done on the deck, in the cockpit, the bilges; the log and statistic entries; the chafe checks.

My cycle marathons pale into insignificance. The big difference is that on a bike you can actually choose if you want to stop, when you drop a headsail it simply has to come down and inboard there and then and if you’re racing 11 other boats it needs to be done quicker and more efficiently than they do it.

This leg has been physically the hardest so far. Reassuringly all our 20 something year olds are equally exhausted. We are due into Albany in three days.

I have no feelings in the ends of my fingers, my joints and muscles ache.

I could fall asleep standing up, and yet if there is a call for yet another sail change I seem to be able to find energy from somewhere.

And we do have the pleasure of Clarins face and body products to smooth over aching and sea washed skins, a perfume that offers reprieve from the smell of clothes worn for days on end, from three week unwashed hair and best of all diesel fumes (which bizarrely I quite like).

Then there’s the crew, a great bunch of supportive and fun individuals who collectively make team Switzerland the amazing crew it is.

My Christmas list might just include “one new freshly washed body” that I can simply slip into when the current one is well n truly done in! 😉

We’re nearly there and the desire for a flat un-moving bed; warm shower and peace and quiet has never been more sought after. I cannot wait for Albany.



1 thought on “How tired is tired?

  1. Gillian

    Colin just sent me a wonderful picture of you having arrived in Sydney. Cheers and well done – I will raise a glass to you this evening!


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