Oh the pleasure of coming off watch dry.

And the pleasure of putting your feet into dry boots.

The pleasure of mother watch and a happy well fed crew.

The fun of having my children’s music compilation blasting out in the galley as I prepare lunch and dinner.

The pleasure of albatross soaring and surfing and showing how life can be lived so expertly in the southern ocean.

The joy of less than 1500nm to our next destination.

The pride and deep satisfaction in the team work and support shown by everyone to everyone.

The elation and relief that the beast that is the southern ocean has been safely and successfully crossed.

The confidence in the knowledge that I shall be happy with David Attenborough’s description of the wildlife, weather, geography etc. in this neck of the woods from the comfort of my warm and cosy lounge. Been there, done it, got the t-shirt (and the bruises) and do not need nor want to ever do it again.


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